War in Syria
Will ISIS Gamble on Aleppo?
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  • Tom Chambers

    Perhaps we will learn whether Assad still has undeclared chemical weapons up his sleeve.

  • gabrielsyme

    Assad still has at least the reluctant backing of Syria’s minorities, who fear that ISIS will conduct the same sort of ethnic cleansing in Syria as it has in Iraq.

    This is as near a sure thing as there is in the world today. Nor do they justly fear only ISIS – every single rebel group, including the moderate, US-supported ones, are likely to turn into ethnic cleansers or worse if they emerge victorious. American policy has resulted in the deaths of hundreds (if not thousands) of Christians in Iraq, and the emigration of at least two-thirds of the community from their homeland. America must turn away from its attempt to overthrow the only protection minority groups have in Syria, or far more blood will be shed.

  • Breif2

    The Assad regime and ISIS have exactly the same (unoriginal) strategy: accentuating the contradictions, ie forcing the population to take sides. The more murderous Assad (ISIS) is vis-a-vis his Sunni (Shi’ite) opponents, the worse the backlash of those opponents will be, consuming even those who would have prefered to sit on the fence, thus forcing them to join the first. In concrete terms, Syria’s minorities definitely did not enjoy living under the Assad’s Baathist dictatorship, but Assad deliberately created a situation where they might now have to choose betwen him and ISIS. In which case, it would be hard to blame them from siding with the murderous tyrant. One can argue that an early intervention in Syria could have short-circuited this process. Now? Allahu Akbar. (In the colloquial Arabic sense of “Only God can deal with this”.)

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