EU Proposes Additional Sanctions on Russia, Vows to Discuss More
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  • Andrew Allison

    Many more realized that Russia has Europe by the b. . . . s and their hearts and minds are following.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    We are witnessing the end of Europe as a force in world affairs. With negligible economic growth, an impotent military, collapsing demographics, and a shocking lack of anything resembling political will, Europe increasing simply does not matter. Putin is simply the first to call their bluff.

  • Curious Mayhem

    Hard to see how anything can be done if the Euros are unwilling to stick it to Putin. The pseudo-rebellion in east Ukraine would have to be defeated and chased out first. Then we can discuss ICC, etc. — like Yugosalvia.

  • adk

    “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”


  • Breif2

    Without proffering any judgement: this provides great aid and comfort to American isolationists.

  • El Gringo

    At this point I think Russia could nuke Paris and the EU would still find a way to avoid doing anything.

  • lukelea

    Driven by far-right ideology, Azov Battalion mans Ukraine’s front line

    What is this all about?

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