Axing the Tax
Carbon Tax Torn Asunder Down Under
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  • Paul-1DegreeC-by2100

    Over here on the BBC News website the greenies have been positively foaming at the mouth all day! Nearly bursting blood vessels.
    He He!

  • Rick Johnson

    Tony Abbott still has a long way to go. There are still a whole raft of ‘useless and destructive’ (to use his words
    ) Green measures that need to go.

    The greatest contribution Tony could make would be to cal BS on the Great Global Warming Scam. Temperatures haven’t been rising. Sea levels haven’t risen must more than the historic average. Hurricanes and other extreme weather events haven’t got worse. The ice caps aren’t melting. The science is settled. We have been conned and are paying for it.

    • And that, so far as I can tell, he has refused to do. In fact he seems to say that emissions targets are poorly served by the carbon tax and that is a strike against it. But to rubbish Climate Change would be to call a great fraction of the electorate, idiots. True it may be. Politic it is not. Forward.

      • Rick Johnson

        Political leadership is about recognising where a country has gone wrong, convincing people of the error and making changes. Just because a great fraction of the people have been duped by the Left, that isn’t reason enough not to call them out. It’s Time Tony called BS on this scam.

  • Mick

    “consumers really, really hate the higher energy bills that this approach involves”. I think it’s important to also mention, that while voters may hate higher energy bills (and who would), the wider view seems to suggest the Labor government was voted out, no the current government being voted in.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Global Warming hoax takes another kick to the groin. The warmists deserve nothing less than an ignominious end to their reign of fear mongering. Chicken Little deserved to do hard time.

  • WildBill0283

    Tonight, I’ll have a bonfire in celebration!

  • James_IIa

    The climate science institutions in OZ are still dominated by warmists. Next priority should be to require some balance.

  • Global warming is crap but if you really want to decrease carbon emissions and are averse to nukes your solution is three words; gas, gas, gas! Coal is now obsolete for power production. The US has met its carbon reduction targets and never even signed on to them. Gas made that happen. But even if some radical de-regulation of coal mining were to slash the costs coal is STILL obsolete in that only further automation can make it and keep it competitive with gas frakked and otherwise dug up. Meaning there will be fewer and fewer coal jobs out there with the usual electoral effects. Oil is good for fuels. Gas is great for power (and not too bad for vehicles). Leave the coal in the ground. No? Okay, go ahead. Time will tell. Forward.

    • Rick Johnson

      I have no desire to reduce my carbon or my carbon dioxide emissions. There are no credible reasons to do either.

  • teapartydoc

    It might be different if it was just about energy and the environment, but it is not and it never is. The greens are attached at the waist to dialectical materialism and have no intention of simply improving the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. If they were, they could set a goal to stop at and we could simply achieve it and move on. They want the ability to constantly shift the goal posts in order to gain higher and higher levels of power and influence, and they are never going to be happy.

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