Gas and Power
How Russia Cuts Through the EU’s United Front
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  • rheddles

    Sound like good reasons to get out of Nato.The Europeans are grown ups. They can defend themselves from Russia.

  • Duperray

    @rheddles: Good view: NATO was built to pretect Europe from soviet overwhelming attack (by 1946 US conventional ground forces were small in comparison with soviet) in order to install communism. Only nuke was able to contend it by making soviet understand that a military invasion of Europe would be very costrly.
    70 years later, now, the threat map has changed. Russia has no more this capability and no more this political target. Threats come from south, terrorism, sectarian religions, hunger and overpopulation.
    Russia is now a friend because has same targets and sustains same threats as West. Crimea is an episode without blood and death, supported by population referendum.
    What presently US spreads “oil over the fires” in Ukraine kills, destroy for nothing else than make ukrainian gas/oil be under US economical control (do you guess why Binden’s son is there?).
    As usual since 1945, foreign US policy always ends up in local mess, state of war and huge failure. Up to now, Russia and China were absent from international scene. This time ended, in Far East confrontation is pending.

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