Oligarchs and Tyrants
The Sad Status Quo in Ukraine
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  • Pete

    Good posting.

    And it prompts yet again the thought, “What is the U.S. doing with that s**thole of a country?”

  • Andrew Allison

    A fine piece of reporting in the WSJ shows us just how completely out of touch with reality is ZB!.

  • There is one reason and one reason only why Ukraine has so many problems that are unlikely to be resolved soon, and that reason is corruption. The entire system is corrupt: bribery is rampant, and there’s no political will to enact real reform that would modernize the country.

    That’s why I get frustrated with Westerners when they condemn Yanukovych. Yes, he was corrupt, but do you really not think Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, and others are, too? Sure, Yanukovych had that ridiculous residence—but have you seen where Tymoshenko lives? Have you seen Yatsenyuk’s mansion? Yatsenyuk is forty years old, yet he has more money than most of us reading this website will ever have in our entire lives.

    Sorry for the longish rant, but I just get really frustrated sometimes when people act like these revolutions in Ukraine are a wonderful thing.

    • Xiangyang

      those westerners ignorance is deliberate. It is their propaganda Campaign to support thier own Point. Their revealing PARTIAL truth is just one type of lie equals to fabrication. If you see this through, you will not be frustrated.
      if they are sincere of what they say, they are just naive and stupid, then they dont’ deserve your frustration. 🙂

  • lukelea

    “a single powerful person ends up establishing himself as the center of a new state.”

    If he can gradually establish the rule of law he might create the basis for a transition to a Western-style democracy. First things first.

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