Teleworkin' It
Finance Jobs Migrate to the Sun Belt, Workers Live Better and Cheaper
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  • Gene

    Anything that might force NY City and State politicians to confront the ironclad realities of math is OK by me.

  • Bruce

    Tennessee and Texas don’t have income tax either. There are a lot of reasons to leave New York.

  • LarryD

    Cities were valuable because the concentration of people facilitated communication and transportation for industry and commerce. Our governing elite loth industry and have driven it out of cities and telecommunications technology has rendered the communications aspect moot.

    So in America, cities are obsolete. As usual, Progressives are destroying their own environment.

  • As someone who’s starting a career in finance (and doesn’t want to live in a big city like New York), this is great news! Thanks for posting.

  • is one way. find a place to telecommute using

  • Kevin

    Of course much of this work can also be done in Mumbai or Shanghai…

  • Mark Robert Jones

    This is a good way for progressives to spread their disease to every town and city across the country as well. You paying attention Texas?

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