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Russia Sanctions
U.S. Must Move Now

Vladimir Putin made a small conciliatory gesture earlier this week on Ukraine, primarily aimed at stalling further EU sanctions against Russia. It appears to have worked: further European sanctions appear unlikely. President Obama, however, must not be fooled.

Published on: June 26, 2014
David J. Kramer is President of Freedom House.
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  • Arkeygeezer

    It appears to me that the Europeans are resolving this problem themselves. They do not need the U.S.A. to tell them what is “the right thing to do”. The U.S. has no national interest in the Ukraine. When Putin threatens a stable U.S. ally, then we can ramp up the cold war again as you seem so anxious to do.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Re: “This is no time to take Putin at his word.”
    Neither does anybody take Obama at his word, and for good reason.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    It’s painful, as a patriotic American, to see how easily Putin outmaneuvers Obama.Putin offers Obama a fig leaf, just as he did in Syria, knowing that Obama’s deepest wish is to do nothing. Naturally Obama will seize upon this fig leaf to do what he wanted to do all along, which was nothing.

  • milden


    • Loader2000

      Probably less than 10% of American Interest Readers read Russian.

      • Andrew Allison

        I suspect that you’re off by an order of magnitude. What’s really amazing is the the SVR trolls are too stupid to recognize the implications of 31 recommendations for an incomprehensible comment.

  • Wladimir Kolgudaev

    Да в России наплевать на санкции США: уже пережили “демократические” 90-е гг. с “демократическим” пьяным Ельциным. Где на карте США, а где Украина? Крамер – займись проблемами демократии в Мексике или в Канаде

    • Andrew Allison

      “Russia does not give a hoot about US sanctions: we have already survived
      the “democratic” 90-ies with drunken Yeltsin. Where is the USA on the map, and where is the Ukraine? Kramer –
      tackle the problems of democracy in Mexico or in Canada”
      SVR trolls please note: thanks largely to the US, Russia is hardly spoken here and the discourse on this blog is largely rational.

      • Wladimir Kolgudaev

        Да почему бы и нет? Всегда интересно узнать мнение граждан другой страны. А русофобские статьи в западной прессе – реально надоели

      • Рамазан Халилов

        So, if I’m just a citizen of Russia and expressing my opinion, based on the truth, I am trolled?

        And those who write bad things about Russia and sees bad for America and the EU, does not Troll?
        Do not you think, dear Andrew Allison, that your place in the bucket?

  • Илья Негрун

    Русофоб и баламут автор, до Ким Зигфрид далековато конечно, но болезнь прогрессирует, печально =) Давно пора русофобию не только в “глюках”, но и в “крамерах” измерять? ))

  • Любое Имя

    – The so-called “separatist” leaders are in most cases
    Russian citizens…

    Do you have proof? Of course not. You just lie.

    – Their frequent visits to Moscow for consultations…


    – American leadership….

    Again what?!

    – regime of Vladimir Putin

    We don’t have a regime; we have elected present and parliament.

    – How to handle Russia

    And how to handle US who kills by hundreds of thousands
    and destroy one country after another?

    • Andrew Allison

      You should have stopped at the legitimate question of where’s the evidence that the most of the separatist leaders have Russian passports. Note to SVR: if this is the best that you can do, good luck!

      • А.Березин

        Note to you: if this the best you can say, good luck to western democracy, cause it seems that
        western citizens have no resistance to propaganda of their mass media.

        • Andrew Allison

          Are you familiar with the expression, “Shooting fish in a barrel”? As I wrote, Любое Имя had an absolutely legitimate question, which she she proceeded to bury in BS. That this is (an absolutely pathetic) SVR propaganda effort is self-evident from the 31 recommendations for a post which perhaps one-in-10,000 readers could understand.

  • Edward Ibraev

    I wonder how it is that the “democratic” U.S. public opinion differs from his officials? I always thought that democracy – government of the people, and it turns out that the U.S. authorities are directly opposed to public opinion. Reading such articles in major U.S. media can only laugh at the fact that the authorities of the country, which declares its mission to establish democracy throughout the world, violate its principles in their own country?

    Sorry for my English, I’m use Google Translater

  • Dkflbvbh Dkflbvbhjdbx

    Статья кретина для идиотов

  • Fedor

    Anyone can check his information up. To check the chronological order of all events in Ukraine (just without emotions). Falsity of this invited paper will be found.

  • kamassv

    Russia in response to introduce economic sanctions against the United States and the European Union for one year. Complete banning the purchase of goods and components from these countries. And also introduce a moratorium on the observance of these rights avtorskieh countries. And explain to the citizens of the United States and the European Union why they will not work.

  • kamassv

    (Перевод) Россия в ответ введёт экономические санкции против США и Евросоюза на один год. Запретив полную покупку товаров и комплектующих из этих стран. А также введёт мораторий на соблюдение авторских прав из этих стран. И объяснит гражданам США и Евросоюза почему они останутся без работы.

  • oliverknut .

    this article is a typical propaganda.

    > if Yanukovych brutally suppressed the protestors; more than 100 people were killed in downtown Kyiv.

    Yanukovych did not do anything to discourage a coup. Police was beaten, burned, shot, crushed by tractors. “Peaceful demonstrators” throwing chains with hooks and dragged policemen from formation.
    100 people killed by a sniper, but were gunned down 20 policemen from the same weapon. Who did it, no one knows, but when one of the opposition leaders car was stopped found a sniper rifle.
    Everything I write is on video in youtube.
    What would the United States in such a situation (coup)? Entered the troops. Brutally suppress the protestors. Guilties to sentence to life imprisonment.

    > someone forgot to tell the Russian fighters in Ukraine

    yes there are citizens of Russia. But the citizens of Ukraine there is a thousand times more. This is evidenced by the journalists who go there and interview. This is evidenced by the released prisoners of war of Ukrainian army. And evidenced by thousands of refugees in Russia.
    And all can be found on YouTube’s.
    Besides, 800 French citizens fight in Syria. So what?

  • Artyom Artyuhov

    Why is America so many patients with schizophrenia?

  • Рамазан Халилов


    Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin ….. so all that crap then? especially Americans?
    Putin did not bomil Iraq, Libya, Serbia, and to these countries not bombed the Philippines, Nicaragua, etc. Total more than 37 countries where trod American soldier who killed civilians: women and children.

    Putin did not climb to Cuba and Cuba puts Russia’s arms, not sending agents of influence in the government of South America.

    Americans have nothing to do on my Eurasian continent.

  • redfox

    Another rusofob… I never understood that Putin remains to be done? To worship Poroshenko and kissing Obama’s ass?
    In one article gathered all the lies and all the horror stories of Western rebelliously propaganda.

    the US has already… 17 trillion dollars each day is added 4 billion.
    Here and fuss, no inflames the third world, they are on the way and this
    way and that kindle is switched off and that’s it.

  • sneaky

    “In February, Putin offered Yanukovych a $15 billion bailout but only if Yanukovych brutally suppressed the protestors; more than 100 people were killed in downtown Kyiv. After Yanukovych fled Ukraine and forfeited power, Putin, terrified that such a scenario might be repeated in Russia, invaded Crimea and staged a rigged referendum that led to Russia’s annexation of the peninsula in March.”

    – Reading this, my logical thinking failed. Putin terrified and annexed Crimea. *facepalm* Just a set of words without any semantic load but only cheap propaganda. Does author know that all his delirium he wrote here can be simply refute by anyone who is smart enough to get information from “more impartial sources”.

    Why drag in Putin, Ukraine, Separatists, Yanukovych, some kind of “transatlantic stability”? This is much more simple: much beloved all around the world and the universe, the President of all United States of America, Western, Central and most of Eastern Europe, Japanese, Britain, Canadian and Australian Emperor – Barack Hussein Obama II simply screwed up in all major international cases lately and to divert attention from this fact commands all his domains listed above to impose sanctions against Russia. In order to divert attention from the motives of sanctions he commands to implement second stage of sanctions and, if needed, third. After this, appoint Putin’s to blame for sanctions. Because this is right.

  • Pax Orbis

    “Let’s remember that the current crisis is the responsibility of Putin.”

    The whole of the western propaganda machine relies on just one principle – repeat the same set of lies a thousand times in order for it to be perceived as the truth.

  • Sergey Fomenko

    This is no
    time to take OBAMA at his word. He remains a dangerous threat not only to
    Ukraine, but to all his neighbors and to European security and transatlantic
    stability. PUTIN must show RUSSIAN
    leadership andimpose sanction against US banks, energy firms, and defense and
    technology companies. Such leadership
    would advance RUSSIAN national interests and might even prod the Europeans to
    follow suit and do the right thing, too.

  • ольга

    Неужели не надоело все время врать. Американцы так заврались и им верит только дурак который не понимает, что чисто вранье

  • Lev Havryliv

    Putin is just playing the peace card.

    He does not want peace in Ukraine, he wants another piece of Ukraine.

    The Russia-backed separatists have not stopped their subversive and terrorist activities in east Ukraine.

    Ramp up sanctions now.

  • Igor Shestakov

    Author ignoramus

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