Your Boss Is Watching
The Good News and Bad News From 1984
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  • ShadrachSmith

    Now, I got this box of suppositories from HR…and I’m supposed to ask you to all form a line and face the window…

    • Curious Mayhem

      It will be recorded and appear later in bootleg on YouTube — shades of Office Space 🙂

  • Corlyss

    “Software this good can monitor workers sitting at home or at a café . . . . ”
    . . . unless they take off the id badges and leave them at their computers at home. This is the voluntary analog to the “home arrest” anklet prisoners wear. Good luck with that.

  • Boritz

    “And one more piece of good news: the analysis of work productivity data is likely to uncover the incompetence of many managers and the enormous waste of time that both government and corporate bureaucracy inflict on the economy.”

    Sounds like a winner. Let’s get the managers and bureaucrats working on the implementation of that. We can start with having them draft standards of performance and measurement methodologies that will be used to monitor themselves. Should be revealing.

  • ljgude

    Given how much people enjoy abusing those they have power over I think we are in for rough ride here.

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