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A Rare Repreive amid Rising Persecution of Christians
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  • FriendlyGoat

    In many Islamic places, getting out of Islam is harder than getting out of a street gang, because unlike with street gangs which usually represent a minority, MOST of your surrounding people in Islamic places are part of the mob. Show me a liberal who thinks Islam is a respectable philosophy only ruined by western interference and I’ll show you a person who is woefully clueless.

    • gabrielsyme

      I’d point out that there are respectable and decent Islamic communities. The Ismaili come immediately to mind.

      • FriendlyGoat

        There most certainly are A LOT of respectable and decent Muslims as human beings, but that’s because they are human beings, not because they are Muslims.

        We should treat the humans well and regard Islam as one of the many ideas of history that we now know are false. Plenty of people mess around with Greek and Roman mythology as a study of historic influence. Almost nobody seriously still believes in those gods, and that is exactly where we ought to be regarding the sayings of Mohammad as well. But over a billion people have not yet reached this view of Islam, and, as we see, that’s a big, big problem.

  • gabrielsyme

    Those who conspire, attempt and commit murder are routinely met with impunity in most Muslim societies when the targets are the right sort. It is a savage and vicious practice that robs entire societies of fundamental freedoms.

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