Crisis in Ukraine
Ukraine Says Its Troops Closed Off Russian Border
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  • Curious Mayhem

    From people who’ve visited Russia recently, I’ve heard that Putin regards the Crimea annexation as a non-negotiable fait accompli. There’s no way to reverse it short of war.

    As for Ukraine, however, Putin apparently does not intend to invade or annex. What he does want is enough influence over the border (Donbas/Donets) region to ensure that the former Soviet military and military-industrial facilities there remain under de facto Russian control. That’s his minimum requirement of a larger desire to keep Ukraine from joining the EU and NATO.

    Overall, his goal seems to be a pseudo-democratic, neo-czarist “great Russia,” but not a restoration of the Soviet Union, much less the Warsaw Pact. But we shouldn’t let our guard down: it should be unambiguous that countries that were part of that pact, but not part of historic Russia, and now part of NATO are not and will not be part of Russia or a Russian sphere. No point in providing further temptation to this ambitious revanchist program.

    • f1b0nacc1

      He might have something like this in mind:

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Putin is an idiot, apparently he learned nothing from the fall of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. He could have purchased the Ukraine with kindness and investment, and gotten a trade partner that strengthens his own economy. Instead he has resorted to force like Stalin in his attempt to force a political union, and a new Russian empire. This won’t be stable and will require blood and treasure to hold together, and ultimately will collapse just like Stalin’s empire did.

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