Racism in Europe
France Turns Against Jews, Roma
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  • Andrew Allison

    “As Europe’s social fabric frays, it’s a bad time to be a minority group within its borders.” is too broad-brush. France has a long and disgraceful history of antisemitism which is resurgent, probably as a result of social issues associated with immigration and youth unemployment. Whilst opportunistic politicians in a few other european countries are capitalizing upon the economic difficulties of the EU, outside of France it’s all talk (the violence in Greece is political, not ethnic).

    • truthsojourner

      Agreed. The article is just a bit too simplistic in its “analysis.”

    • EllenO

      Agree that the article paints too broad a brush, but Europe’s social fabric is indeed breaking down.

      The free movement of people across Europe moving to areas of opportunity and crowding out and under selling the original inhabitants is certainly an unintended consequence of the EU especially since it encompasses societies at different stages of economic development.

      A bizarre anomaly is that over 450 million people are now eligible as EU citizens to live in the UK for example.

      • Corlyss

        Wouldn’t be surprised to see an uptick in immigration to England as things become more unstable on the eastern frontier. Cameron better get on the stick and stop dancing around the issue.

      • Leon Haller

        The problem is more non-European than intra-EU immigration. The latter are assimilable; the Third World can never be.

      • pst314

        Was it really an unintended consequence? Or was it a consequence that the EU-crats welcomed? Or both in equal measure?

  • Gene

    Really, any journalist writing on this topic has got to make the effort to break down the demographics of the people who are doing the assaulting, Jew-baiting and saluting or the article just isn’t informative enough. (And no, I’m not assuming that all the perpetrators are Muslim.)

    • Corlyss

      I would agree with you but for the fact that the state has basically gone missing in the protection of people that are assaulted. Appeal to the authorities is useless. That’s been documented and reported for at least 10 years that I know of. The authorities didn’t enforce the criminal laws against the Muslim thugs from North Africa, and that emboldens others. Who does it now is not nearly so concerning as the government’s refusal to do anything about it.

  • lukelea

    It’s all about immigration. Too much, too fast.

    • LarryD

      France’s “immigrant” problems are from the children of the workers they imported to fill in for France’s birth dearth a generation ago. Born in France, so legally French citizens, but not assimilated nor accepted by native born.

      France has had problems with antisemitism before, this surge may be displacement from not wanting to confront their Muslim problem. A lot of Europe has problems with Muslim immigrants, the political class is in denial.

  • ojfl

    While the news is indeed troubling I wish reporters would stop calling the FN right wing.

    • Corlyss

      Ditto UKIP. It’s been 70 years since fascism was defeated. Folks can stop looking for Hitler in every movement the elites don’t like and start looking at the elites’ shared beliefs that are causing the problems.

      • ojfl

        Indeed Corlyss but at least in the case of UKIP they are indeed a much more free market party, certainly not the case of the FN.

    • Leon Haller

      THE NF is gloriously rightwing – truly rightwing, unlike the ridiculous neoliberals of the USA. Free markets are important, but the genetic survival of the West is far more so.

      • ojfl

        That is not right wing Leon.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Unless we in America are told WHO is leading the anti-Semitism, we can’t know much about this.

  • Leon Haller

    The Le Pens are heroes of Western, Christian civilization desperately trying to revive the Occident in what was once one of its foundational nations. The problem of antisemitism today in France is almost exclusively a Muslim matter. Of course, I (not to mention many famous persons, like Le Pen and Enoch Powell and William Shockley) warned against the Third World immigration of France (and America) more than 3 decades ago. Everything we were denounced for predicting has come to pass. If we were honest we would acknowledge that the artificial ‘diversification’ of the West through unnecessary immigration has resulted in the greatest (and most perfectly predictable) crisis in the history of the West. Muslims have no place in Europe and thus should be either re- or expatriated, place of birth not constituting a reprieve. Europe must survive, whole and free!

    • pst314

      And yet Le Pen suggested that a Jew be thrown in the ovens. How heroic a defense of the West is that?

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