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Iran’s Popularity Plummets in Middle East
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  • gabrielsyme

    The Middle East is dissolving into chaos, and the prime instigator of much of the violence, Iran…

    This is just ridiculous. Obviously, Iran has had virtually nothing to do with the chaos and violence in Libya and Egypt. In Iraq, Iran has hardly been the cause of ISIS or of Maliki’s incompetence. In Syria, it was not Assad, much less Iran which started the Syrian Civil War.

    You can condemn Assad and Iran’s support for him, but the chaos and civil war in Syria is primarily the responsibility of the Sunni rebels and their supporters in the Gulf, the White House and Turkey.

    • Moses Operandi

      Well said.

  • Bruce

    What does it matter? The populations of these countries have no influence on their governments. Their governments will align with whoever gives them the best chance of survival. Maliki will probably align with the “unpopular” Iran because as despicable as they are, they will have his back. The U.S. does not “choose sides.”

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