Merkel Defends French Warship Sale
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  • rheddles

    The real question is should the US continue to to defend a bigger and wealthier EUrope if it won’t take the appropriate measures to protect itself.

    • Diws

      That depends on what the forecasted consequences would be for the conquest of Europe by a third party, or by one of the countries within it. Given that two destructive world wars in the 20th century originated in Europe, there would seem to be a case for our involvement, not to mention that the core of US geopolitical strategy is to prevent a unified power from emerging in Eurasia (just as Britain’s was to prevent a dominant power from emerging in Europe). It is unfair, especially when the Europeans are, with few exceptions not pulling their weight. But fairness does not weigh for much where geopolitics are concerned.

      • rheddles

        Is it the case that the United States owes eternal protection to every country it conquers? If not, who better to stand on their own than the richer, bigger EUropeans. And if so, who pays?

        I’m also at a loss as to why the EUropean’s ability to start wars requires our involvement in their foolishness. It was a mistake to get involved the first time and the second would not have happened had we not..

        Defending EUrope is not unfair, it is unwise.

    • S.C. Schwarz

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m no isolationist but why we spend a nickel defending these clowns is beyond me. Close every base, recall every soldier, redeploy the fleet to the Pacific and withdraw from NATO.

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