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HHS Requires Coverage for Sex Changes
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  • Boritz

    Is it possible to categorize the types of elective surgeries that are preferred by liberals vs. conservatives? If some surgeries are chosen much more often by one political camp or the other then the law could be written to reward supporters and punish enemies. It’s always beneficial to break the bank as long as it isn’t done in a politically neutral way.

  • Andrew Allison

    Not only do we not have a national insurance system (coverage for all), but the hodgepodge that we currently have is manifestly not sustainable even without coverage of elective surgeries.

  • gabrielsyme

    Is there actually persuasive evidence to indicate that gender-reassignment surgery has better outcomes than psychotherapy? Gender Identity Disorder is the only mental illness which is normally “treated” by major, irreversible surgery. The appalling rates of post-operative suicide suggest that even if an improvement over non-treatment, gender reassignment may well simply be making the underlying mental problems deniable. At any rate, those who struggle with gender identity deserve better than the ideological consensus that drives them to a surgical “treatment” which many find was not the answer to their unhappiness.

  • lhfry

    Excellent article by the Johns Hopkins psychiatrist who set up at JH the original “sexual reassignment” surgery program and then terminated it.
    This surgery is cosmetic – you cannot change your chromosomes. So expanding coverage by Medicare (don’t focus on the elderly here, not too many of us are going to be seeking this surgery, the instant case aside. Focus on those on disability and covered by Medicare) is going to create huge problems. Lots of people want cosmetic surgery for lots of reasons and I’m sure a psychological case can be made for any of them.

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