Economic Upturn?
A Rosier Outlook for Blue-Collar Jobs
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  • Mark1971

    Expect illegal immigration to start increasing again.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    What BS, we are in Great Depression 2.0 with no end in sight. It’s just like the deflationary depression being experienced by Japan for the last 2.5 decades, and for the same reason, excessive debt. This shrinks the money supply, which according to the only Law of Economics “Supply and Demand”, forces the value of money up creating deflation, and making the excessive debt both more valuable and harder to pay off.

    The effects of deflation are:
    1. High Unemployment
    2. High Bankruptcy rate
    3. High Debt levels resulting in unwillingness to take on more debt
    4. Low interest rates
    5. High foreclosures
    6. Falling Wages
    7. Low inflation despite the Fed’s printing of Trillions of Dollars. What inflation there is, is created by Government bottlenecks like the alcohol in gasoline subsidy, which drives up gas and food prices and costs the taxpayer as well.
    8. Banks are willing to lend only to the most credit worthy, and they raise credit standards to insure they will be paid back.
    9. When Banks don’t lend our fractionated banking system (look it up you can’t understand capitalism without an understanding of it) doesn’t increase the money supply, as the monetary measure M3 money supply hasn’t grown in 5 years despite Trillions in Fed printing proves.

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