Time to Telework
Commuting Costs Add Up
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  • I love how writers and journalists just sort of assume that telework would work just as well in other lines of business as in their own.

    • Ghosts of Benghazi

      Telecommuting requires enormous self discipline which is not present in most people……..

  • Andrew Allison

    There’s a rather large fly in the ointment: those with modest incomes are, by-and-large, not doing work which is amenable to being done remotely. There’s a far more practical approach: I read several years ago of a study done in, as I recall, Seattle which looked at moving people in interchangeable jobs (retail, banking, etc.) to the location closest to their home. The result was an astonishing 40% reduction in commute miles driven! The question is how to incent employers to address the issue. The environmental kudos, and improved employee moral and performance might be enough to get the ball rolling. Starbucks, where are you?

  • lukelea

    Money spent by families on personal transportation is, for the most part, an overhead cost of earning a living. Yet it is counted as part of their standard of living in national statistics.

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