There Oughtn't to Be a Law
Minnesota Repeals 1,175 Laws—Order Miraculously Preserved
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  • Good luck with getting rid of those boards. They’re wonderful parking places for ex-politicos. California – in particular – has zillions of these. They come complete with an awesome workload of a few meetings a year and often six-figure incomes for members, as well as staffs that can be populated with relatives. A termed-out politico can get on a couple of these and make a wonderfully good living for themselves and family.

  • Dan

    Good for MN!!

    I am curious as to what could have possibly prompted someone to suggest to a member of the legislature to propose, draft and sponsor a bill which they then had their colleagues vote on to make into law a statute that dealt with carrying fruit in an “illegally sized container” (whatever that is), who was willing to put their name on this law? why? who was the lobby behind this proposal? ziploc?

  • qet

    This is very encouraging, especially as the Governor is a Democrat and the legislature is controlled by Democrats (I think).

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