Kiev Accuses Moscow of Stealing Gas in Crimea
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  • PKCasimir

    Who writes this nonsense, the same guy who advised Neville Chamberlain to appease Hitler at Munich and not confront him? Or is the author an ex-cookie pusher from our pusillanimous State Department? Anyone who has ever had any dealings with Russians, which apparently this author hasn’t, knows that you have to be just as firm and as tough as they pretend to be, otherwise they see you as weak and will push even harder.

  • Andrew Allison

    It might have been more useful to discus the ownership of gas stored in Crimea. The fact that Russia is demanding that Ukraine pay for the gas which it delivered pre-annexation is prima facie evidence that the gas belonged to Ukraine. If the gas has been used by Crimea, Russia clearly owes Ukraine the cost of the gas. Rather than a nonsensical insistence upon its return, why not simply deduct its cost from the amount due Russia?

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