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How Regulation Creates Higher Ed Administrative Bloat
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  • lord acton

    Hmmm. Sounds exactly like health care.

    • Preston Pate

      I concur.

  • Corlyss

    Well, of course there was administrative bloat before fed regulations got to be gnat that swallowed the elephant. Fed regulations are like chemotherapy: they coincidentally attack the area of greatest weakness and make the entire system sicker.

  • Andrew Allison

    The solution appears simple, outsource compliance (it’s nonsensical that every institution has to develop and maintain this skill set).

  • Fat_Man

    At least this is story about costs. Most tuition stories are about how to increase revenue.

  • qet

    This effect is not confined to any single sector of the economy. A very influential swath of the American intelligentsia firmly believes that “productivity” is a desideratum of legislation and regulation no less than of factory output. We are a productivity-obsessed culture and our legislatures–all 51 of them (not counting local governments)–and regulatory agencies–uncountable like the sands of the Sahara–are expected to increase their productivity annually. I am always dumbfounded when I read people like Ezra Klein making this kind of government productivity argument. No wonder the Constitution is incomprehensible to him.

    • Andrew Allison

      Productivity legislation and regulation appears to me to significantly outrank Military Intelligence on the oxymoronic scale! Productivity implies the production of goods and services, neither of which are objectives of legislation or regulation.

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