China-Vietnam Rift
Are Chinese Troops Massing on Vietnam’s Border?
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  • Anthony

    This is why Vietnam needs nuclear weapons. If they have nukes, China will think twice about taking a page out of Putin’s playbook.

  • Anthony

    “Media sources claim…” “Vietnam probably can’t have it both ways.” And so it continues.

  • Corlyss

    Monkey see . . . monkey do. It worked for Putin. It’s open season for any current or former tyrannical nation that wants to try the same tactic. Don’t know what kind of mutual defense arrangement with any other nation in the region, but don’t come a-knock knock knockin’ at our front door.

  • El Gringo

    “Vietnamese and Chinese commentators warned of lasting economic damage if security is not restored and if the Vietnamese authorities don’t do enough to restore China’s confidence in its smaller southern neighbor.”

    What about restoring Vietnam’s confidence in its larger northern neighbor? By, for example, not unilaterally annexing Vietnamese territory?

    Vietnam is not Ukraine. And China should take heed of history. Their last invasion of Vietnam didn’t go so well.

    • B-Sabre

      That’s true, but things are also different from the 1979 (interestingly, I had not realized that there was a series of small engagements between China and Vietnam along the border in 1984-1985).
      – China has probably spent a lot more money modernizing and equipping their forces than the Vietnamese have. I haven’t found a comprehensive list, but it looks like the Vietnamese army order of battle is still mostly made up of 1980’s equipment, with a scattering of more modern bits here and there.
      – The Chinese army that came across the border in 1979 hadn’t fought a major engagement as a force since Korea, and was up against a Vietnamese army freshly triumphant in the war against the South. It’s now been 35 years since the Vietnamese have conducted a major ground operation against an enemy. I’d say both armies are inexperienced in battle, but the Chinese at least have been practicing modern operations. Not sure what the Vietnamese have been doing…

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