Climate Chickens
Inventing the Farm Animals of the Future
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  • rheddles

    The planet hasn’t warmed for about 15 years. When things start really chilling out what will the alarmists do? And how long will it take them?

    • Andrew Allison

      At least another 13 years, the newly moved goalpost for a signal being 30. Meanwhile, the disconnect between atmospheric CO2 and temperature since 1997 will continue to be studiously ignored.

  • Jim__L

    So how much per pound is vat-grown meat, and how does it taste?

    Also, as for “how do we feed the some 9 billion people estimated to be around by 2050 in a warmer world with more extreme weather?” — move farms northward into Siberia and Canada, where it’s easier to get fresh water. At 60 degrees north or so, atmospheric conditions lead to a great deal of rainfall, when it’s warm enough to stay liquid. I expect pipelines from northern Canada to be built to carry water, not oil, in the next few decades.

    • LarryD

      According to what I’ve read, vat meat tastes good enough, but the cost still needs to come down.

      If anything, weather has been less extreme for the past several years. Historically, warmer climate means better crop yields and larger extent of farmable land.

      The elits need to lead by example, let them show us a vegan, renewable energy, low-carbon life-style.

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