Money Games
How Offshore Finance Sank Western Soft Power

For a long time now, the West has lived off its Cold War reputation in Eastern Europe. But this reputation is now spent, thanks to Western complicity in offshore finance’s pillage of post-Soviet states.

Published on: May 8, 2014
Ben Judah is the author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin. He is now writing a book about London.
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  • Gramercyconor .

    And what about actions against the thieves who plundered this money, and actions to prevent the same thievery next time round? The focus here is all on the distant defects that permit the final phase of this corrupt transfer, nothing about the early phase. And please help us understand the contrast between successful Eastern European states such as Czech republic, Poland, Estonia, what did they do right that Ukraine and others didn’t quite figure out. Too much apportionment of responsibility here in the further etches and not enough comparative analysis.

  • rheddles


  • circleglider

    All cash, by definition, is “empty, anonymous cash.” Really, how stupid can Alexey Navalny – and Ben Judah – be?

    Unless these so-called Western “tax havens” are willing to impose blanket financial sanctions against all members of the governments of the former republics of the Soviet Union, this tirade is little more than demagoguery.

  • luke sampson

    Ben Judah has history and I suggest you check it out. He lies about Britain especially London and Londoners. His last article involved multiple lies which were called out and even his supporters in the media had to acknowledge this guy’s duplicity. I guess he has decided he can make a living by appealing to a certain type of American- the Limeys are scum and effete and yet are powerful enough to ruin the world. This is the old canard about the Jews transposed onto the English,the irony being Ben Judah is himself Jewish.

    I am sure he has a long and lucrative career ahead of him.

  • wally

    Punta del Este is lovely all year-round…
    Nothing wrong with hiding one’s wealth from the mulatto destroyer and his crazed feminist sodo-homo hordes.

  • Pax Orbis

    A bribe or a kick-back in the Eastern Europe is called “a consulting fee” in the Western world and it’s being legalized by adding a special clause in a contract there.

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