Putin's Ugly Demagoguery
German Media Hears Fascism in Putin’s Words
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  • Fred

    I agree with everything Putin said about the West, and I believe it is noble to give your life to defend your home and people. I guess I’m a fascist. Who knew?

    • Jim__L

      If you want a really eerie experience, listen to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” with the idea that Rolf is also a fascist.

  • Curious Mayhem

    What Putin said isn’t “fascist.” The problem is his agitation about ethnic Russians in bordering countries, something that sounds an awful lot like Hitler agitating about ethnic Germans in bordering countries 80 years ago. This is the aspect that causes anxiety in Germany and elsewhere, and it should.

    Putin isn’t a Hitler. But his agenda does threaten the peace of Europe. Others have compared him to Milosevic, a better (although still overdrawn) analogy. Putin was one of those Russians who really hated what happened to Yugoslavia and Serbia.

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