East Asian xenophobia
Japanese Nazis Parade Through Tokyo
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  • ShadrachSmith

    The rise of Nationalism in Japan is a good thing. Without defending the bigots among any group, I would note that Japan has never lost a war against China, Japan, Korea or Russia. Watching Japan and China hate on each other is a far better alternative than having them both hate on America.

    The smaller Asian powers feel like it is high time Japan started protecting them from the newly expansionist policies of China. The rise of Japan would create closer military ties with Korea as they unite against the common foe. Japan would then need Korea more and resent Korea less.

    We can sell stuff to all sides 🙂

    • Breif2

      Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! 🙂

  • The_Repentant_Curmudgeon

    During the Cold War, the three American networks (but especially CBS) would refer to Brezhnev and the KGB as the USSR’s “far right.” Reagan, the world’s number opponent and diametrically opposed to Brezhnev was also referred to as the “far right” among the American networks. In my opinion, this is because for those television networks, “far right” equated to “things our viewers should regard as bad.”

    I have a 1930’s issue of The New Republic on my desk where one of their writers attended a communist rally where a member of Stalin’s staff gave a speech that left this New Republic writer swooning. No mention of the “far right” in that article. It referred to Stalin as “progressive.”

    So the question is, when a writer uses the term “far right” or “rightwing” what exactly is he trying to convey?

  • ojfl

    Why is it that people always make the mistake of talking about Nazis, Hitler and the “right” together? Hitler was a socialist, not a right winger.

  • Aja Aja

    Those “Korean immigrants” aren’t “immigrants”. They are people who were brought (many were forced laborers) into Japan during WWII, who ended up staying after the war. Most of them were born in Japan and lived all their lives in Japan.

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