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Obama Tip-Toes Past the Graveyard of His Foreign Policy
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  • Boritz

    “A public failure of this magnitude, (comparable in a way to George W.
    Bush launching a war to stop a WMD program that he then failed to find)
    is profoundly damaging to public confidence in a political leader”

    Public confidence is expressed as the approval rating which so far is pretty impervious.

    • Andrew Allison

      it’s fallen from 28% to 21%, a 25% decline, in the past year.

      • Jim__L

        RCP reports 43.3% approve vs. 52.5% disapprove.

        This time last year — 48.5% approve vs. 46.9% disapprove.

        He bottomed out at the beginning of December, 38.5% approving and 55.9% disapproving.

  • Breif2

    “President Obama sounded edgy and frustrated when defending his foreign policy”

    You’re frustrated?!

    • throatdog

      Why does everything happen to poor Obama?!

      • Poor Obama, having to defend his policies. That’s racist!

  • pabarge

    Walter Russell Mead voted for Barack Obama.

    • Breif2

      Paul A’Barge advocates voting for a Democrat over Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

  • throatdog

    Singles and Doubles. Obama should be so fortunate. He’s fouled out on every single thing.

    • LizardLizard

      Well, we had a nice cold winter, though, didn’t we? I think he reversed global warming, right, or was it the seas stopped rising, or something, yeah?

      • throatdog


  • You just do not understand Obama’s “smart diplomacy.” It is not the actual outcome that is important, it is the process. Just like everything else with leftards, the outcome has nothing to do with it, the important part is the intentions. Of course, you sooner or later have to ask, if they continue to get crappy outcomes, yet continue the same policies, their intentions might not be what they say they are.

    • LizardLizard

      Yes, exactly, and Communism was supposed to be a worker’s paradise.

  • Reginald Pettifogger

    “…his reasonably successful Asia trip…”
    I suppose that not having anyone declare war on us during this trip makes it ‘reasonably successful’.

    • Bandit Keena

      Well more successful than the MA370 trip

    • Gregale

      “Reasonably successful?”

      What? Did he win another Peace Prize?

  • JMHanes

    “A public failure of this magnitude, (comparable in a way to George W. Bush…)”

    In what putative “way” are these two failures usefully “comparable?” I’m surprised to find such careless analogizing here, of all places. Indeed, this sounds far more like the kind of formulaic, parenthetical, disclaimer liberals feel compelled to include whenever they voice any criticism of Obama — presumably to avoid risking their credibility with less tolerant friends and colleagues. Acknowledging an Obama blunder is acceptable (but only when paired with an equal or greater blunder committed by one or more former presidents, preferably Bush). Surely, after 6 very long years, it’s possible to assess Obama’s uniquely feckless foreign policy on its own terms.

  • “reasonably successful” is an odd characterization, but for Obama, any trip where he didn’t manage to offend any allies, encourage any foes, or give away any sovereign territory to aggressors is considered successful.

    Before they let Ed Henry ask the embarrassing question “Why are you such a total screw-up loser?” the toughest question Obama got on the trip was from the South Korean press: “Did you like the green tea ice cream?”

    995 days to go.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    “Speak softly and carry a big stick”

    ~Teddy Roosevelt~

    “Shuck jively and carry a 5 iron”

    ~Barokeydoke Obozo~

  • sukietawdry

    The problem with Obama hitting singles and doubles is that he led us to believe he would have a .900 slugging percentage. In actuality, he would have been sent down to the minors long ago.

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