ACA Agonistes
ACA Enrollment Surges, Public Yawns
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  • Boritz

    …six in ten Americans want to see the law improved rather than repealed and

    … an uncertain public, which dislikes the law but also fears what might
    replace it.

    So the public fears that the current (as of the most recent delays) law could be replaced with something even worse but prefers this fear to the fear that it will go away altogether. Perhaps a new set of fears will arise that will shake the current equilibrium of fear. We can hope.

  • lehnne

    if racist private language is real racism (the active and deliberate denying if human/civil rights based on race) then ACA sign ups (forget about implementation, displacement, funding) = policy success.

  • rheddles

    Perhaps too few believe the government’s enrollment numbers and are waiting for the facts.

    • Jim__L

      On the other hand, if the guys featured on the latest podcast are right, it doesn’t matter at all what the hoi polloi think… what the philosopher-kings want is what we get, and if we happen to like it, well that’s the best we can expect from our government.

      And if we don’t like it, we’ll have to put up with it anyway.

      Well then, I guess it’s a race between bloody revolution, collapse from domestic-overreach debts, and outside pressure from societies that actually play to win.

      • rheddles

        Check back on that with me in 2017.

        In the short run the philosopher kings get what they want, in the long run the hoi polloi get the philosopher kings they want, at least in most accountable republics. The hoi polloi doesn’t have the luxury of spare time to spend on politics. They’re too busy living their lives. Until the screw ups in the political world become so intrusive on their busy lives that they take drastic action to readjust the political realm. In autocracies these events are called revolutions, in republics watershed elections. I take the lack of credulence in the hoi polloi as an indication that we may be approaching a watershed, aka the end of the dreaded Blue Model.

  • Andrew Allison

    This is a recording: “After the March enrollment surge brought the number of people covered by the ACA up to 8 million,. . .” is, quite simply, false. Signing up for ACA coverage is not enrollment; somebody who signs up is not covered until they actually pay a premium (current estimates are that only about 80% of them will).

  • stanbrown

    The public hated the law before it was passed. [See Mass senate election of Brown.] They don’t hate it because Obama demonstrated he can’t manage a dog pound, but long before the rollout was botched. And the hatred for the law will only go up once the full extent of the lies becomes known. The cancellations so far are a drop in the bucket. The higher price tags are only starting. Just wait til everyone realizes that the 2500 in savings was total BS. So far, Obama has put off almost all of the pain. When that pain kicks in, the public will scream bloody murder.

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