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Modi’s BJP Rolls On, But an Old Rival Looms
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  • Anthony

    Are critics of Narenda Modi disappointed because India may be led by what some call a common chai wallah and a communalist? Or as has been intimated elsewhere: not everyone has gotten message about BJP’s rebranding.

  • Jaldhar H. Vyas

    When sober analysts like WRM start talking up Boss Tweed types like Jayalalitha (the second time this week!) it’s time for the DSM5 to add a new diagnosis: Modi Derangement Syndrome.

  • El Gringo

    It’s tempting to view Jayalalitha as a mere local boss but she’s a local boss of over 80 million people and a state with 39 Lok Sabha seats. She also has the power to drive India’s foreign policy which she uses often. This is no mere local boss.

    Jayalalitha is an indication of the rise of regionalism in India – a rise that, so far, the central government has failed to address. If handled correctly it could lead to much-needed reforms that devolve more power to the state and (hopefully) local levels. If handled incorrectly, it will lead to the proliferation of more leaders like Jayalalitha and her ilk.

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