Soul Liberation

When American black vocalists and songwriters did their thing in the Sixties, they made political waves as well as music, whether they intended to or not.

Appeared in: Volume 9, Number 5 | Published on: April 20, 2014
John G. Rodwan, Jr.’s most recent book is Holidays and Other Disasters (Humanist Press, 2013).
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  • Jim Street

    Thank you for your insightful article. However, I would point out one error. The church that was bombed by Robert Chamblis and three other men was not in Montgomery but was in Birmingham. Thank you again.

  • qet

    Feldstein does not risk being reductive; that is precisely her goal. Feldstein’s work is primarily the deployment of a specific academic idiom and only secondarily a presentation of the purported subject matter. Feldstein does not consider, depict or analyze her subjects so much as she fits them to the latest non-Euclidean geometry currently in vogue with American academics. Truncating the forms of real, living human beings so that they appear to obey the laws of this contrived geometry is how tenure is won.

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