Appeared in: Volume 9, Number 5
Published on: April 20, 2014
America Self-Contained? A Symposium
America’s Spring Break

The country have taken a vacation from global leadership, but that’s likely to be temporary.

Walter Russell Mead is professor of foreign affairs and humanities at Bard College and editor-at-large of The American Interest.
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  • Anthony

    Churchill’s quote about Clement Attlee just about sums administration foreign policy up – but the despair certainly predates Obama as yo allude WRM. Regarding globalization and free trade, a misnomer because what actually occurs especially with developed countries is managed-trade agreements. Lastly, WRM concludes with optimism – strength of faith in democracy/capitalist process – in that U.S. will eventually depart spring break; although this may be true, getting their will require renewal of social trust (something we use to assume as component fabric of our national characteristic).

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