Fixing the Schools
Community Colleges Offer Bachelor’s Degrees
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  • johngbarker

    ” If community colleges are turning into credential mills..:” If?

    • Andrew Allison

      As if Universities are not.

      • johngbarker

        I agree. It is everywhere a credentials game without much thought about the meaning or real value of the sheepskin.

  • mgoodfel

    Community colleges used to be dirt cheap compared to universities. I’m surprised the college 4-year degree costs even 1/2 of the university degree. Should be more like 1/10. It used to be that community colleges didn’t even have dorms, rec centers, and lots of administration. Has that all changed?

  • Jagneel

    Why not go for PhDs? Who says people with barely masters can produce PhDs .
    To be serious, most faculty in CCs have very soft masters and their mastery of the subject matter is a bit shaky (at least in STEM fields).
    Of course, if want to offer management or marketing degrees, I am all for it. Most of the nonaccounting business degrees are BS any way. So why not CC faculty do the BS (not bachelor of science)) as well.

  • Joe Duane

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  • Jim__L

    For those who think that universities should not be turned into mere “corporate certification” schools, this should be a very positive alternative.

  • free_agent

    I wonder if the community colleges have tenure? Universities tend to be cabals run by the tenured faculty, sometimes with the bulk of the teaching fobbed off onto graduate students and adjunct professors. If the CCs don’t have tenure, then it will be much harder for such a cabal to take control and extract rents.

  • Marcio Ronci

    I believe there is room for a productive collaboration between state universities and community
    colleges as the partnership between the University of Texas at Tyler and
    Houston Community College shows. The innovative partnership allows students to
    earn a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering on the HCC Alief-Hayes campus
    in Houston. The approximate cost of the
    bachelor’s degree when started at HCC (as the ASES) and completed at UT Tyler
    is approximately $19,000, making it one of the most affordable engineering
    degrees anywhere.

    The UT Tyler-HCC partnership is part of a statewide program established in Texas, made
    available at participating community colleges and supported by participating
    universities, including Houston Community College, San Jacinto College, TSTC-Harlingen,
    and South Texas College.

    This innovative partnership could be an important innovation: State universities could specialize
    in research and graduate degrees, while community colleges could offer undergraduate
    degrees at affordable prices.

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