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Japan’s Pacifists Fight Back
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  • Breif2

    “63 percent oppose the concept of collective defense”

    Do they wish the US to adopt the same standard?

  • Jim__L

    “I’m afraid that Japan’s spirit is approaching the most dangerous stage over the past 100 years.”

    Let’s see what dates are included in the last 100 years, shall we?
    – 18 September 1931
    – 15 May 1932
    – 7 December 1941
    – 4 June 1942
    – 6 August 1945
    – 9 August 1945

    Most dangerous stage in the last 68 years? Perhaps. But it seems that Japanese pacifists have no more sense than American greens.

    • B-Sabre

      That goes without saying. Most Japanese pacifists like to present the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as things that just happened out of the blue…”We were just standing here, minding our own business…and this happened! Woe is us!”

      • Jim__L

        Yeah, there is a certain amount of historical denial amongst that kind of activist. (tangent)

        On the other hand, I’ve always seen two kinds of “deniers” of historical atrocities… one kind says the atrocity didn’t happen, but it would have been nice if it did. There’s nothing to be done with these types, except suspect that they’d have second thoughts if it looked as if they might actually catch that car they’re chasing.

        The other kind is the kind that thinks of the atrocity, “That’s such a horrible atrocity, no [person / organization / group of people] I admire could possibly have done such a thing.” This type of person doesn’t worry me nearly so much. They buy into the idea that an atrocity is an atrocity, and it shouldn’t happen. Very likely, if they emulated the [person / organization / group of people] they admired, their emulation would not include those atrocities.

        The second kind can still be very dangerous if the atrocity is ongoing, though… these are the types of “useful idiots” that allowed Marxism to thrive, or allowed the Holocaust to happen.


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