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Regulatory Roadblock For Online Ed
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    If you want to know why the economy never seems to recover, you need look no further than the ever increasing burden of government.

  • gs

    “And the real losers will be students, who should be able to enroll in the best and cheapest programs no matter where they live.”

    Ask, rather, who the winners will be. They are the special interests lobbying the government for favorable regulations.

    “Some of the most promising developments in higher education are taking place online, from degree-granting programs to MOOCs, and the Department of Education shouldn’t impose regulatory burdens that will discourage innovation in this sector.”

    Discouraging innovation on behalf of vested interests, in and outside the government, is the whole point.

    “Let’s not run the internet like a toll road: we don’t want to see online education stopped at state borders.”

    Back when the Web went global, the telcos wanted to do exactly that, i.e. to run the Internet like a toll road. They lost that particular battle at that particular time, but rent seekers will always be scheming.

  • Jim__L

    So allow the material to go up on YouTube, and let students glean what they can from it. Let tutors band together to offer guidance through the morass.

    We can and should rebuild higher education from the ground up, as it’s been pretty much wrecked by Politically Correct institutions, who have morphed into nothing more than indoctrinators and self-interested gatekeepers.

    • dwpittelli

      “allow”? How many people currently making a living by writing courses are going to have jobs when all their work is free on YouTube?

      • Jim__L

        They’ll be done with their jobs writing courses.

        Look, maybe my outlook is skewed a bit by working in Engineering, but once you’re done with a project and have been paid for it, you’re done. You have to do something else.

        Should people who build houses be paid every time someone looks at the house?


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