ACA Agonistes
Democrats Peddle ACA Fixes In Advance of Midterm
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  • Fat_Man

    “Republican politicians who have said little about health care beyond calling for its repeal.”

    This is partisan attack rhetoric. There are lots of Republican proposals, but the legacy media will not report on them and continues to regurgitate the line above. We expect better from you.

    BTW, the fix it line was adopted by the Democrat loser in the recent by-election in Florida. It didn’t help her. She lost an election to a Republican who she out-spent.

    • Boritz

      Right. Opposition proposals include allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines and tort reform. Both of these have huge potential to actually bend the cost curve in the right direction but you can’t do these things and get to also play with the insurers like they were a set of Legos and you can’t be in bed with the trial lawyers so support for these is tepid but that’s not the same thing as “…said little…’

  • Boritz

    “…:an alternative that is at least as attractive as a new and improved ACA.”

    Fingernails on a chalkboard meet this criterion.

  • Andrew Allison

    This is the second time recently that The Feed has falsely stated that Republican politicians have said little about health care beyond calling for its repeal. Here’s just one example:

    • Corlyss

      If I thought VM watched anything as intelligent and outside their comfort zone as the WSJ Editorial Reort or the weekend Fox Report, I would have suggested that perhaps VM referred to the fact that the GOP leadership had decided to refrain from “confrontation” that the Dems capitalized on in 2012 and 2013. But since I know VM don’t stick a toe outside conventional campus thinking, I’m sure the we’re just aping the Dem propaganda line.

      • Andrew Allison

        Corlyss, I think you may be being a little too hard on them. We should take into consideration that WRM is, generally-speaking, very well worth reading and that the interns are, by definition, young and foolish (it would be good to append the initials of the author on posts). That said, the persistent refusal to acknowledge that the AGW theory lies in tatters and telling fibs about the Republican healthcare proposals has me a little concerned.

        • Corlyss

          If I thought Mead wrote all, I’d agree with you. But too many of the posts betray callowness unbecoming a bewhiskered 50-something whose profession it is to look beyond the surface.

    • Boritz

      The Feed has had little to say about ACA to date and seems to be unwilling to take on this controversial issue.*

      *Just striking back at TF.

  • kwo

    Among the proposals likely to be included is one backed by [Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Mark Begich of Alaska] offering a new kind of insurance plan, a “copper” plan featuring lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs than the “bronze,” “silver” and “gold” options on the government-run health-care exchanges.

    The whole point of the community standards was to ensure that insurance companies would collect enough in premiums from healthy people to cover the cost of insuring those with preexisting and chronic conditions. Without those price controls, ACA goes into the dreaded “death spiral”. How do Sens. Warner and Begich propose to lower premiums for the healthiest subscribers without undercutting the guaranteed issue provisions?

    • Jim__L

      Can’t be done. That’s why this law was a misbegotten disaster from the beginning.


  • Corlyss

    End it! Don’t mend it!

  • JollyGreenChemist

    I’m holding out for the “stainless steel” plan. Failing that, an “aluminum” plan might suffice.

    • Peripatetic

      Indeed. I’m waiting for the “aluminum foil that was used to store left-overs” plan.

    • Andrew Allison

      No, no! You need to wait for something as poisonous, like lead, mercury or plutonium [/grin]

      • Corlyss

        Once again, you took the words right out of my mind.

    • rheddles

      Hold out for the tin plan. It doesn’t have a heart.

      • JollyGreenChemist

        I guess that would be the plan that results when you take a bronze plan, subtract all of the benefits in the new copper plan. The little that’s leftover would the tin plan.

  • Charles Hurst

    Here is the question the almighty Progressive doesn’t want to answer. Is ACA based on one man paying for another? And the answer is yes. One man pays a higher rate if he is more successful so another man can pay less for being less successful. And it also expands to those who will not pay at all. Again the producer’s taxes pay. And what is the philosophy
    of “each according to need?”

    It is Marxism

    Here is what I get from the Progressive who uses the same anti reason he does when
    defending illegal immigration.

    “Well what about the progressive income tax? Is that also Marxist.” Yes.It should have never been implemented. It is not up for one man to pay more so another may pay less—or not at all.

    “Well what about Australia, England and most of Europe? They have the
    same type systems? Are they Marxist?” Of course they are. They are the epitome
    of one man pays so another may not. That’s why you cannot be a raging success
    in Europe. They tax you to death to pay for others, many on welfare.

    “Well the insurance monopolies….” Stop right there. You’re right. Monopolies need to
    be ceased. And so do conglomerate monopoly healthcare organizations. And the
    GOP has done zilch for this. And that has nothing to do with implementing
    Marxism. Implementing Marxism is not the answer. Fee for service and the
    riddance of insurance companies for routine visits would do it. Followed by a
    much cheaper catastrophic insurance plan. Few would use it. Doctors’ visit fees
    and routine labs and such would decrease by up to 80%. How do I know this? It’s
    been tried and proven in Oklahoma. But that means no more free rides unless
    charity organizations step in. And they would for the truly needy. Not for the
    couch sitting obese patient who is on welfare. They pay if they want to show up
    every other day for their chronic back pain. How do I know the Medicaid patient
    is like this most of the time? Before I was a writer I was a provider. It’s not
    every Medicaid patient. It is well over 90% of them. They are the largest
    abusers of the system. Don’t bother arguing with that one Mr. Progressive. You
    don’t have the years of experience in the field. I do.

    If we continue ACA we will collapse economically—which as my fiction predicts may
    be the end goal of these Marxists in our government. And the one thing we will
    all share equally then is misery and oppression.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “If conservatives want to win the ACA fight they have to offer the public something more than repeal: an alternative that is at least as attractive as a new and improved ACA.”

    I doubt this is true.

    I think most people realize that any changes the screw up Democrats make, will just make things worse and prolong the agony.

    Obamacare has never had much support (rammed down America’s throat through corrupt practices like the Louisiana Purchase), and the Democrats haven’t earned the right or showed any competence for why they should be trusted to fix the mess they created.

    I think most American’s support going back to the last system which at least worked, and then making minor incremental changes, is the wisest course of action.

    If a critical system has to work, having politicians who have spent their lives in government, are the last people you would want to design the system. The free market should design a system as critical as health care, with its “Feedback of Competition” providing an existential threat to force continuous improvements in Quality, Service, and Price.

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