Blue Model Goes Belly-Up
Is It Official? Has Puerto Rico Failed?
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  • Andrew Allison

    It’s far from official — as illustrated by, “During the launch, the governor’s Chief of Staff Ingrid Vila warned that ‘Twenty-four percent of those who have left are unemployed,’” People doing better on government support than working is by no means limited to Puerto Rico.

    • Curious Mayhem

      Yes, but Florida is a far better governed place and quite solvent by most measures.

  • Corlyss

    I thought it was official 50 years ago.

  • free_agent

    Puerto Rico could be going the way of Detroit. Then again, maybe it isn’t. There are a lot of cities that at one time or another were collapsing, usually after the major industry went bust, and later pulled themselves together and have been rejuvenated. I’ve never seen anyone analyze the patterns of success and failure.

  • RedWell

    Fundamentally, Puerto Rico is overpopulated given its agricultural and industrial base. This was a problem 50, 60 years ago. Why do you think there are more Puerto Ricans in New York than San Juan?

  • spunknik

    We welcome you to Florida and wish you the very best of luck.

    But is it too much for us to ask you to leave your culture of failure back home? Can we ask you to become Americans and adopt American ideals and our traditional work ethic? Will you please learn English and make American friends so that you can integrate into our culture? Can we ask you to reject the notion that the government is your big brother and that you are entitled to the spoils of your hardworking neighbors because of colonial-era grievances?

    Leave the culture of failure. It didn’t work there, and it won’t work here either.

  • centerroad

    Anecdotal and subjective, zero credibility. Not even propaganda grade.

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