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Putin Puts Obama in No-Win Situation in Iran
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  • Pete

    The community organizer was a fool to rely on Russia as a partner in anything strategic to U.S. national interest. From that mistake, much of the rest follows..

    I guess Obama felt sort of a kinship with a fellow commie. Ha!

    • Jim__L

      I’m wondering if Obama didn’t know something about this a few years ago, when he told Putin that “he could be more flexible after the election”.

  • Thirdsyphon

    If anything, Putin’s the one who’s been boxed into a corner on Iran. Thanks to his idiocy, there are now two countries on his doorstep with a significant nuclear infrastructure in place. If he wants to contain Ukraine’s newfound nuclear ambitions without an invasion (or, in the long term, even with one), then he’s going to need Western help.

    If his problem sounds vaguely familiar, it probably should- it’s identical to America’s dilemma concerning Iran, except that Russia has no allies and Iran doesn’t share a border (let alone two) with the United States.

    Putin also suffers from several additional problems that his adversaries in Washington and Berlin don’t share with him. Merkel and Obama aren’t in any danger of being toppled by oligarchs and/or popular unrest; and of their three countries, in the event of a trade war only Russia is facing wholesale economic collapse.

    • Jim__L

      Putin could make the rubble in Tehran bounce, if Iran threatened to turn their nukes northward. No, I don’t think he’s all that worried about Iran.

      Nice try, but it really is Obama that’s in trouble here.

  • KDB

    The “most humiliating and devastating foreign policy defeat in decades”? Help me out here: how many decades ago was the Iraq War?

    • Jim__L

      Unless you’re an ivory-tower academic, I don’t think having European fingers wagged at us is really all that keen a defeat.

  • Bruce

    If you view the world the way it is rather than in the nuanced manner of Obama and Kerry, it was clear from the start that there are only two options. The first is a nuclear Iran and the second is military action against them to prevent it. Very few ever felt that there were any other options, although the “diplomacy can solve anything” crowd made a lot of noise about “engaging Iran in discussions.” Obama is probably praying that Israel does the dirty work. Of course, he will condemn it. On the other hand, it is a legitimate question as to whether Obama really cares if Iran has nukes.

  • Iran will leap at the chance to take
    advantage of the Ukraine crisis by joining itself at the hip with Putin in opposing the West. It’s the height

    of irony that while Rouhani makes all of these public overtures as a moderate to the West, he in fact is skillfully taking advantage of this crisis to gain further sanctions relief all while keeping Iran’s nuclear weapons research program largely intact.

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