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America Is Widening the Fracking Gap
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  • S.C. Schwarz
    • lord acton

      Unfrackin’ real.

  • ShadrachSmith

    The Crimean invasion has put pressure on Dems to help supply the EU with natural gas (currently illegal for reasons nobody can remember) to wean them off of Russian supplies.

    And Obama will still be against it.

  • Joseph Zorzin

    Why aren’t other nations willing to hire American frackers? You’d think the frackers would be in big demand and could reap great profits from their expertise.

    • Government Drone

      Two reasons. First, North America’s particular geology are well-suited for these techniques (or, our techniques work best here, take your pick). China, particularly, has difficult formations to work with.
      Second, the US’s legal system, particularly mineral rights to private property are different from a lot of other countries. Here, & I think in Canada, if your land has oil or gas in it, you can get some form of compensation for someone putting up a drill rig on your property to get it. In a lot of other countries, below-ground mineral rights aren’t part of the title deed to land, & often belong to the state. In that case, the only entity (besides the mining company) that makes money off a gas well in your yard would be the government. Most people aren’t willing to put up with oil rigs or gas lines in their yards if they get nothing out of it.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The belief that the US is going to run out of oil doesn’t consider other sources even beyond the deep oil shale that is being fracked, the US also has 2 Trillion barrels of Oil Shale (not to be confused with Shale Oil) which is close to the surface and only needs to be dug out of the ground and retorted (heated) to get the sweetest lightest oil called Kerogen oil.

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