asia's call to arms
The Dragon Sharpens Its Claws
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  • Dan

    200 billion not 200 million I am guessing you meant….

  • Ghosts of Benghazi

    Who cares, if Hussein ain’t worried, then neither am I. I trust Barry to do the right thing in all things ideological….. (LMFAO)….

  • free_agent

    “Even as the United States attempts … make [the military] more “versatile” and “agile”

    Unfortunately, you can’t play this sort of geopolitical pressure game with a strike force, no matter how effective it is, you need boots on the ground that claim space. No one will believe you if you draw a line and say “If you cross this line, we will nuke you.” You have to have some of your people there who will be killed if the adversary crosses the line, because then the adversary knows you *will* nuke them if they cross the line (and get into a firefight with your soldiers and kill them).

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