Changing the Game
MOOCs Help Colleges Recruit Top Talent
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  • FrederickR

    A lot of Colleges are now chasing the talented (mostly foreign and full tuition) students. We would all be better served if we looked hard at why so many of our own students aren’t making the grade. Unfortunately, most US High Schools spend 80% of their time trying to deal with the bottom 20%. The kids who are smart are not sought out and developed because of the common teacher attitude of ‘they’ll be alright’. The result has been failure to both the bottom AND top 20%.

    Even worse, most HS’s focus the remaining students on ‘getting a good job’ (which no longer exists). They downplay the military, being self employed, and getting advanced degrees. As a result, foreign Professors dominate many of the academic positions (especially in the Sciences) at our Universities, who then tend to look for.. more foreign students.

    A death spirial has started and won’t stop until a concious political decision is made to change, or we hit bottom.

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