Getting Away Scot-Free?
Independence Ain’t Easy
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  • JohnOfEnfield

    Most of us English people (60% according to some polls) wouldn’t be unhappy if Scotland left & set up home on their own complete with customs barriers & trade tariffs. We are fed up with being abused for our generosity – the Government grant to Scotland is 14% higher per head than in rUK. Amazingly enough the proportion of Scots who want to leave the UK is currently a mirror image (40%) of England. It is also laughable that Salmond wants to use the GBP given that his vision of a socialist republic north of the border would soon run out of other people’s money. Why should we allow him the shelter of a stable currency whilst he indulges his Marxist fantasies? Braveheart indeed.

  • Boritz

    Googled “What Texas can learn from Scotland” but couldn’t find much that is relevant. No EU worries. Might have to come up with a Sam Houston Dollar bill.

  • John Tyler

    The Scots have to face reality; if they really want independence they must issue their own currency and be willing to make a go of it totally on their own; free of the UK pound sterling and free of the EU.
    Otherwise , they are just pissing into the wind and acting like a spoiled child to attract attention.

    • Andrew Allison

      It’s a little unfair to blame the Scots, a minority of whom appear to favour independence for the actions of the rent-seeking leadership of the SNP.

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