Silicon Valley's March on Washington
California’s Übernerds Get Political
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  • Anthony

    Both politics and economics (giants of Silicon Valley) deal with the material survival, prosperity, and well being of people; both deal with first conditions of social life – the relationship between politics and economics is never neutral. So, on one level Google, Yahoo, and Facebook executives are following natural capitalist progression. No surprise there WRM.

  • Fat_Man

    They have, by and large, been Obama supporters. This is not evidence of political savvy.

  • vepxistqaosani

    This is really disturbing only if, like me, you’re a software guy over 50. We’re all being laid off so that the Übernerds can claim there’s a shortage of technical talent and get Congress to give them more H1B visas so they can hire (what amounts to) indentured servants.

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