ACA Fail Fractal
Obamacare Pitting Democrats Against the White House
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  • rheddles

    Roberts still has a chance to overturn the law in the Halbig case. Had he done so previously, it would have been seen as political. If he does so now, it will be seen as merciful. June will be interesting.

    • TommyTwo

      If he does so, I have no doubt that the usual partisan hacks will be privately relieved and publicly outraged. I can already hear the indignant sputterings: “Just when the ACA was straightening out, these few unelected Bush-appointed retrograde men made a political decision that will throw us into chaos and imperil our health!”

      On a related partisan note, I’m wondering when Republicans will pivot away from the term “Obamacare” to something more like “Democrat-care.”

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