Don't Mention the War!
Are Germans Ready for a New Foreign Policy?
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  • rheddles

    Are Germans really ready to overcome their moral squeamishness and march back into the fog of war?

    I’d prefer they find out outside of Europe.

    • Andrew Allison

      Isn’t that exactly what Gauck is proposing by imploring his fellow countrymen to embrace greater responsibility in global conflicts? Why in heck should we have had over 68,000 troops in Europe in 2012?

      • rheddles

        Why in heck should we have had over 68,000 troops in Europe in 2012?

        The number is debatable, but the fact is there hasn’t been a major European war in almost 70 years. And the one war that did occur (Yugoslav disintegration) could easily have degenerated into a general war in the absence of the US. In fact, the EUropeans showed themselves to be utterly incapable of dealing with the situation without the leadership and resources of the US and demonstrating the need for adult supervision for a continent of adolescents. So while I would dearly love to bring all the boys home it would probably cost more in the long run.

  • mc

    Sure, why not? Germany has already fallen back into its old habit of producing more history than it can consume locally.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    There is no way the Germans are going to start spending like the US on defense (1.35% of GDP vs. 4.35% GDP). All of the Europeans have been getting a free ride on defense costs from the Americans, and their economies would choke more than they already are if they were force to more than Triple their defense burden on top of their already crushing welfare state burden.

  • Egyptsteve

    Hmmm, renewed German military power. What could possibly go wrong?

  • William Ockham

    The problem isn’t Germany or Europe’s pacifism, it’s their immense entitlements society. With no country in Europe willing to reduce any domestic program in the tiniest amount, the only thing left to do is cut the military. By way of example Angela Merkle recently proposed reducing the retirement age. This is why their armies are little more than highway patrols.

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