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The worst could be yet to come
Thailand’s Looming Crisis

Thailand’s struggles touch on issues that Thais for various reasons don’t like to speak openly and frankly about: the role of the monarchy, the health of the king and ethnic and regional divisions inside the country. But these issues are of the utmost importance.

Published on: January 31, 2014
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  • costume

    As somebody currently living in Thailand, I can’t see a “good” side in this conflict. It seems that both are equally corrupt and only fighting over the spoils. While I think it would probably be better for the Red Shirts to win this battle, the Red Shirt government seems to be doing everything in its power to send Thailand down the path to disaster.

  • teapartydoc

    Rome’s best emperors were all adopted sons. Wanna save you country, dude? Disinherit your family and name the most cool-headed, rational guy you can find. Quick.

  • 013090

    This is at its root a question of the morality of democracy, and the answer isn’t as simple as pro-democracy Western liberals would think. The issue is if it is fair for a rural majority north to essentially rule the tax policy of a minority urban south? If you were from the south, would you be fine with supporting a massive redistribution of wealth from a centralized and disconnected government? Just because it is democratic does not make it fair.

    I am a supporter of democracy, but it must vary from region to region. One region’s answer is not another’s. Thailand needs a more federalized system with a weaker central government. Let the different regions have more self-autonomy.

  • disqus_7ULtWVCEkj

    Thank you for clearest explanation I have seen. It would help to see a population map or rough demograpjic array of these entities. Physical Ecology( including geography and demography) , Communal loyalties(including Religion language and ethnic ties) and military history always seem the key ingredients in understanding current affairs.

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