ACA Fail Fractal
Unions, Uninsured More Skeptical of Obamacare Than Ever
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  • Andrew Allison

    “Americans by and large want universal coverage,” but are unwilling to pay for it, hence the need for the mandates.

    • qet

      Correction: each American wants coverage but only if someone else pays for it. This is really a case where the continued reference to collective preference shown by statistical data utterly fails to reflect the reality of a world of individuals.

      • Andrew Allison

        Au contraire, the reality is that 2/3 of those signing up were already paying for insurance which got cancelled thanks to ACA. Dollars to doughnuts that the remaining third qualified for the subsidies which those who don’t are paying.

  • qet

    Meanwhile Wonkblog and MoneyBox, using poll data which shows that, given a choice between Obamacare and a Seinfeld reunion, Americans overwhelmingly prefer Obamacare, will write that Obamacare’s popularity is at an all-time high.

  • Anthony

    Health care in America: who receives it, who pays for it, how is it provided, ought it be provided to America’s citizens, under what conditions, though which vehicles/institutions/structures/economics, etc. These (and probably others) are germane 21st century concerns more so than counterposing ACA and health care itself before or after Obamacare).

    • Andrew Allison

      Anthony, you misstate the case in a fundamental way: the issue is simply who pays for it. As noted below, if my AGI were $1000 less, my “ACA” premium would be halved. The difference is nothing more than a highly-selective tax on the middle class: I’ll decide, thank you very much, how I make my (tax deductible) charitable contributions.

  • Boritz

    They argued that without these changes the ACA could end up harming their lower- and middle-class members

    Are they old or young? That’s what makes a difference. The young are expected to pay more. Or did they think they were one big family?

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