Obama's Putin Problem
Russia Flouts Landmark Cold War Treaty
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  • Boritz

    The administration will attempt re-brand their tarnished foreign policy and present the situation in a more positive way. The NYT and WaPo will help by penning articles with titles like “Russian Missile Tests a Win-Win for Obama and the Democrats” and “Racial Undercurrents Unmistakable in Republican Response to White House Foreign Policy”. Various TV talking heads will place the emphasis on how this gives ammunition to the tea party and others who never liked the president anyway. FoxNews will agonize for a few days over whether the story “has legs”. An MSNBC poll will show approval ratings affect by half a percent (within the margin of error). Within a week or two one or more other administration scandals will divert attention away, or a Republican office holder will stick his foot in his mouth or be found in ethics violations or be exposed for abuse of power by himself or those in his charge or be caught in an affair.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “An open violation of the missile treaty would make it much harder for the Obama Administration to stick to the narrative it so desperately wants to be true.”

    Obama is so committed to his vision of the world, that he fails to recognize the reality when it kicks him in head.

  • Andrew Allison

    It’s my understanding that the 1987 treaty applied to intermediate (300-3100 miles) range nuclear missiles. Does the fact that it’s apparently nuclear-capable make it nuclear?
    It will be interesting to see how our European allies react to the news that Russia is flight testing a nuclear capable intermediate-range cruise missiles which, because of the required flight time (they’re probably subsonic, since a supersonic boom would attract attention), represent a greater threat to Europe than the US.

  • qet

    It will be OK. Power and Rice will name them and shame them. Then they’ll be sorry!

  • TalkTalkTalkType

    I think it may be more of a challenge to the EU than the US. Russia/Putin (is there another way to express this singularity?) has two major aims: increasing its influence in the “Near Abroad,” for example Ukraine, and to thwart, inconvenience and defeat US interests, however perceived, for example Syria. Russia/Putin have few worldwide interests, which allows them to apply their power in very strong ways that the US has to calculate carefully when, and if, it responds. The US still has an overwhelming military advantage.

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