All the President's Errors
Five Important Mistakes in Obama’s SOTU
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  • Andrew Allison

    1. WRM and the Divider-in-Chief are wrong that upward mobility has stalled. In fact, like extreme weather events, there’s been no change for 50 years.
    2. No thanks to the Administration.
    3. Hasn’t WRM been arguing, in effect, that to many unqualified individuals go to college?
    4. Let’s wait and see how many of that nine million actually pay a premium, how many already had insurance and switched for a subsidy, the demographics of those who actually enroll (pay their premium), etc.
    5. As WRM points out, American “diplomacy” in the mid-East has been a complete and utter catastrophe for all concerned.

  • rheddles

    There was only one mistake. Obama was the one giving the SOTU. The American people have only themselves to blame.

    • Corlyss

      I like to think of it as “the American voters have a lot to account for.” 🙂

      • Andrew Allison

        Well, about half of them anyway. ;<)}

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