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India’s Struggling Military Gets Major Boost From Japan
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  • ljgude

    Good to see Japan getting its mojo back and India upping its game too. Despite the subject here being arms it does not feel like the three biggest powers in Asia are heading toward war. More balancing each other. Move west into the Middle East and it is war both at the macro level of the Sunni Shiite civil war, and the micro level with tribal and other infernal conflicts. Then there are the Kurds, the Israelis, not to mention minorities in increasingly precarious positions.

    • rheddles

      Only one of the three biggest powers, two of which are fully modernized technically, in Asia needs to be willing to go to war for there to be a war.

      And any war they have will be a real war unlike the skirmishes in the Middle East.

      • richard40

        The good part though is the 2 smaller powers, India and Japan, appear to be getting closer together, and their alliance may be enough to deter the larger power, China, from any expansionist desires, especially since they would have a good chance of getting support from the US.

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