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Unions Tell Mom She Must Pay Dues to Care for Her Son
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  • qet

    And the juridification of all social relations continues apace. Soon it will be enough that a state allows you a standard exemption on your state tax return to require that you join SEIU in order to be able to clean your own home. The Supreme Court has proved itself fully capable of reaching any result it wants regardless of precedent. Let’s hope that the current Court perceives the unequivocal absurdity of this law and strikes it down, with prejudice!

  • Anthony

    “Many political institutions in the United State are decaying (Francis Fukuya). I think Francis Fukuyma’s essay in AI certainly helps explain and gives relevant context to issue of Feed. That is rather than SEIU, Home health care, and/or stipend, the case reflects outsize roles by judiciary and legislature precluding reform or rebalancing – as Fukuyama asserts; growing powers of entrenched political actors.

  • Tom

    Y’know, it’s this kind of nonsense that causes people to think that unions aren’t actually in it for the little guy.

  • rambler

    When it comes to health care workers, it’s the patients who matter. Forcing them into a union shifts the focus to having the union matter. Being part of a union will not improve the care the patient receives. It will contribute to the union’s power. A union tried to unionize the lab where I worked and we would have none of what they were selling. To step further and make individuals caring for family members join a union, is a totally selfish and stupid idea on the part of that union. It smacks of desperation. Does the union need money badly that it would take money away in dues from a parent caring for a child? Instead, the union should market a better reason so that people will choose to be members rather that be forced to join. Unions are driving themselves into extinction.

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