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Chinese Leaders Stash Vast Piles of Money Offshore
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  • Nick Bidler

    On one hand, hooray, we’re not as bad as other countries; on the other, ‘not as bad’ is damning with faint praise.

    • crocodilechuck

      ‘hooray’? How do you know the USA isn’t as bad???

      Read Nicholas Shaxson’s book:

      I suspect it will temper your joy.

      • Nick Bidler

        1. there was not much joy to be tempered in the first place, and 2. money, like water, will flow where obstruction is least. In some cases, that offshore cash is being put to better use than if it were taxed normally.

        • crocodilechuck

          You are aware that the USA has a fiscal revenue problem?

          That its spending 50% more than what it collects in tax?


          • TommyTwo

            You should be well aware that Nick’s obvious rejoinder will be that the US has a spending problem, and that its citizens’ money could be put to better use than in that excessive spending. So how about directly addressing that issue instead of laying on the dramatic disbelief with a trowel?

  • TommyTwo

    Wow, those Gulenists are everywhere!

    “Chinese Leaders Stash Vast Piles of Money Offshore”

    Ah, so that’s why they want all those tiny faraway islands!

  • Andrew Allison

    Makes the more than 50% of our Congressional reprehensatives who are millionaires like even more incompetent — they can’t even steal well!

  • Jim__L

    Rumor around Silicon Valley had it that much of the home-price recovery is from Chinese paying cash for houses. Rumor also had it that Chinese more or less bought Saratoga, CA (one of the nicer spots up against the Peninsula hills.)

    I have done absolutely no due diligence to chase these allegations down, but they’re plausible, anyway. $4 trillion can buy a lot of Silicon Valley real estate. It’s about the only amount of money that can…

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