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Japan Condemns Monument to Korean Assassin and "Terrorist"
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  • Max

    Mispelled the worth “wether” (whether) in the last paragraph.

  • Anthony

    Prime Minister Abe has raised stake of competing shrines (use of prestige symbols as identitive). Now as Game of Thrones in East Asia acquires public reflection, he cannot be surprised this his opposites may avail themselves to same strategy reinforcements.

  • TommyTwo

    “The Ahn memorial joins Tokyo’s Yasukuni shrine in the spotlight of the ongoing fight”

    And the US has expressed disappointment at this action that will exacerbate tensions, yes?

    “China said that Ahn was a ‘famous anti-Japanese high-minded person'”

    Ah, the famous PRC delicacy.

  • Janet Garcia

    Who cares anyway. This is capitalism country.
    People only care about money. You pay for what you get.
    You pay for your pride, life, school grades, etc.
    Wants statues? Pay for it.
    Don’t want them?
    Pay for it.

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